Sales Support

Choosing a new forklift can be more daunting than initially expected. Especially with forklift trucks still representing the biggest cause of injury or fatality in the workplace.
Considering abnormal loads, load centres, lift capacity deration (especially at height), swill factors for liquid loads, etc, are all things that need to be taken into account before choosing the equipment.

As part of our service, Hystackers offer a free, no obligation Site Survey, on your premises.
Carried out by our trained sales staff, with a fresh unbiased approach to your requirements, the survey looks closely at:

· Safety for the operator or pedestrians

· The area the equipment is intended for

· The shift pattern and usage

· The existing equipment and the recommendation for the new equipment

· Any attachments that will aid the operation

· Electric supply and advise on electric machines

· Best practice on handling loads, taking into account weights and sizes

· Racking layout, aisle widths and lifting heights

· Any site restrictions including low door ways, light fittings, noise control etc

· Advice on working in adverse conditions such as a freezer or foundry

· Finance options, both Contract Hire and Lease Purchase

· Maintenance support packages

Upon completion of the survey, the facts are then correlated and form the basis of our proposal to you, along with our recommendations.